IKEA Celebrates National Hot Dog Day with its Very Own Hät Dȯg. No Allen Wrench Required.

ikea hot dog
IKEA's Hät Dȯg.

Of all the unlikely places to serve up an amazing hot dog special on National Hot Dog Day, IKEA must certainly be the most unlikely. Today the Swedish furniture store's famous cafeteria offered 2 Hät Dȯgs, fries and a fountain drink for only $2.99. That's just the beginning. The hot dogs were smothered, nay, drowned in runny beef-like chili, goopy bright orange nacho cheese, sauteed onions, one strip of soggy bacon, guacamole and, finally, chopped tomatoes.

It was a disaster between buns - an absolutely delicious disaster. God bless, National Hot Dog Day. And may God bless IKEA!


Daniel said…
Looks absolutely delicious! How was the bun, though? It doesn't look as appetizing as the toppings.