Eat the Fakers. So Not Cronut. The Kronut With a "K" at Fresh Donuts Shop in Granada Hills, CA.


It's an unspoken food industry pact that if you intentionally misspell a food item's name, then that food item is understood to be fake. You know, like, krabby patties or kalimari made from pork bung. Or anything with a "Mc" as a prefix, for that matter. (That's how McDonald's gets away with the McRib Sandwich.)

kronut door
We're Open. Kome In!

Then there's the Kronut. This malpractice of misspelling is ideal for all the Cronut impersonators, imitators, and fakers out in the pastry world because they can get away with hawking the faux Cronut without receiving those fun cease and desist letters from Dominique Ansel's legal team. (Dominique Ansel is the inventor of the Cronut in case you've been frozen in carbon for the past few months.)

Well, if you have been frozen in carbon for a few months, let me kwikly explain the Cronut. It's a donut and croissant hybrid filled with cream and topped with glaze. It's a pastry so popular that people are willing to wait in 4 hour long lines or sell a kidney (which, ironically enough, is shaped like a croissant) just for a taste.

kronut plain
A Decent Fake.

A bustling, little donut shop in Granada Hills, CA called Fresh Donuts is doing brisk biz hawking the fakes. The shop sells several different flavors and a plain version too.

The regular Kronut is pleasingly flakey and airy. The glaring problem with this fake is that there is no cream inside. The real Cronut harbors cream that's been piped into its airy, light, crusty crevices. The glaze on the Kronut is nice enough but tastes like the typical glaze of a standard donut.

kronut choco
Choco-Kronut Sammich.

The cream Kronuts do have filling but are not actually filled. Instead, they're sandwiched. A Kronut is cleaved neatly in half then spread with cream. There are vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry fillings from which to select. Nothing at all fancy about the cream. Simply fluffy and flavored.

Full disclosure time: I HAVE NOT EATEN A REAL CRONUT. (I visited Manhattan twice this year and the last thing I wanted to do was wait in a lunatic long line, while severely hungover, for a croissant-donut love child.) So, as far as how it stands up against the real thing ━ I don't know.

However, I would say that the plain Kronut is enjoyable texturally with the right amount of dulcet deliciousness. The cream Kronut was much more disappointing. I mean, how hard would it to be for Fresh Donuts to inject some cream into that fakey flakey pastry?

Keeping in mind, though, my fewer than 2 minute wait to score these fakers, I'd say it was worth the trek to Granada Hills for these Cronut pretenders.

Now, where can I score a knock-off ramen burger? I'll take a Rolexxx while I'm out there.

Fresh Donuts
11030 Balboa Blvd
Granada Hills, CA 91344

(818) 832-9190


ArtsBeatLA said…
Hey - don't do the ramen burger dude - they look truly gross!
Anonymous said…
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Andrew Ting
Unknown said…
Ansel did not invent the Cronut. He simply was the first to trademark the name.