Iron Chef: Arm Wrestling Challenge!! Eddie Lin Vs. Masaharu Morimoto! Allez Arm Wrassle!!

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Welcome to the Gun Show!!

A couple weeks back I had the honor of meeting one of the studliest celeb chefs of all time ━ Masaharu Morimoto! I've watched the original Iron Chef ever since it was imported from Japan via Food Network. Morimoto was always my favorite as he is with many Iron Chef fans.

About two weeks ago when I met Morimoto, he was hosting the Los Angeles Food & Wine Festival's Asian Night Market, which was set up right at the front steps of the Walt Disney Concert Hall. It was a night of Asian nibbles from the likes of Seoul Sausage Co. to Hinoki & the Bird. Virtually all the big name Asian eateries were represented (although I have my own list I'd like to submit for next year).

Whose cuisine will reign supreme?!!! Who cares! It was a wild and Asian night! Iron Chef Morimoto even busted out an impromptu karaoke performance. I barely remember most details from the crazy night. And the ones I do recall, I probably shouldn't tell least not here.

And as far as who won the arm wrestling challenge, well, let's just say I was a good sport.