Napk-In! An App for Apps and Entrees Alike! Like to Snap, Rank, and Rate Your Restaurant Grub? Then You Need Napk-In.

napk-in iphone

Napk-In is the delicious app for your appetite! If you find yourself obsessively snapping food pix at restaurants, adding tantalizing filters, briefly describing them, and then instantly posting them, then Napk-In is an app you should consider adding to your device. Napk-In is free, and it goes beyond where something like Instagram stops. It's also very specific to food lovers and amateur restaurant critics.

Let's say you get a Philly cheesesteak at Eddie's Philly Cheesesteaks (my imaginary restaurant) and are impressed by the look of the sandwich. Instinctively, you whip out your phone and snap a pic with your Napk-In app (currently only for iOS with an Android version coming soon). Now, this is where the fun begins!

So after you take the picture, you can touch the "Wanna eat first!" button and take care of business later, or continue on to choose a filter to jazz up the photo. Then, type in the name of the restaurant, its location, and select the type of food in which it specializes. If it isn't already in Napk-In's database of eateries, simply add it to the list.

With that out of the way, you can now rate and categorize your dish. Is it sweet, spicy, savory? Eastern, Western, or a Fusion? Is it served hot or cold? Is it baked, grilled, or steamed? What's in it? Veggies, meat, or fish? What's the price point? Were you on a date or with friends? Details, people! Details! This will give other Napk-In users a better picture of your experience than just that simple snapshot. Get it?

Back to my Philly cheesesteak from Eddie's Philly Cheesesteaks restaurant. The address is 123ABC Main St. in Philadelphia. It serves American classics. The sandwich itself is savory, Western, hot, cheap, sautéed, and was eaten alone. Trust me, you don't want to witness me crush a Philly cheesesteak. It's not pretty.

I also typed up a little review saying how juicy the beef and how gooey the Cheez Whiz wuz! That's everything.

I think of this as a Yelp! having a baby with Instagram but much more fun to use. And, although I am one of the beta testers slash Napk-In Food Gurus, you shouldn't take my word for how clever and amusing the interface is. Download Napk-In for yourself and use it next time you're about to make some tasty food porn! Bow-Chicka-Bow-Wow!