Deep End Drinking: Summer Cocktails at Terrine, A Whiskey Whirlwind!

terrine cocktails ryan
Mixologist Ryan Wainwright of Terrine Restaurant

Every year during the dog days of summer, New Orleans plays host to a cocktail festival called Tales of the Cocktail. Bartenders, cocktail enthusiasts, beverage biz types, and imbibers of all stripes congregate for a week of boozin' in The Big Easy. Ryan Wainwright, chief mixologist for Terrine Restaurant, recently returned from Tales of the Cocktail. Armed with inspiration and new knowledge, he showed off some new cocktails for Terrine's Summer Cocktail Menu.

From chatting with Ryan, I found out that The Big Easy wasn't so easy for Tales of the Cocktail attendees. It happened to be extra hot and humid in New Orleans and that really wore people down, especially if you're boozin' all day. Ryan survived the festival, returned to L.A., and concocted some nice boozy bevvies for guests last night.

The menu is broken down by the drink's characteristics i.e., Bubbly & Refreshing, Crisp & Clean, Smooth & Elegant, Dark & Aromatic, and Velvety & Fun.

Since I'm a whiskey guy, I ordered everything with the spirit. From the Dark & Aromatic section, I asked for Blood & Sands and Blind Respect. A cocktail named Kentucky Sprint was of the Crisp & Clean category.

terrine cocktails blood sands
Wainwright's Blood & Sands.

I particularly enjoyed the Blood & Sands made up of Dewars 15, house made cherry brandy, Cinzano 1757, Carpano, and o.j. Loved the smoky depth and richness, not too sweet. The Blind Respect was also nicely aromatic and lingered wonderfully.

terrine cocktails blind respect
Respect to Blind Respect.

However, the Kentucky Sprint was surprising. Although made with a bourbon, the cocktail was really bright and spicy, opposite of what I usually anticipate a bourbon drink to be. Included in the drink were lime, house creme de menthe, and ginger. It was well-crafted, just unexpected.

terrine cocktails kentucky sprint
Kentucky Sprint is an uplifting bourbon beverage.

There are a total of eleven cocktails on the summer menu, with a little something for any taste. Ask for Ryan. He's your guy.

Terrine Restaurant
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