Oh Yeah, I was on the MasterChef 100th Episode Extravaganza on FOX. Seriously, I Forgot.

eddie masterchef screen
Screengrab of yours truly.

It's not a very flattering screengrab, I admit. I represent so much better in real life (not like some of you Tinder types), but I digress.

This very special MasterChef 100th Episode show was shot back in February. Of course, we weren't allowed to discuss anything about it until it was unleashed about a week or so ago. It was fun spending a nice day out in the sun at Palos Verdes. Lots of wine, not much food, but, hey, it's television.

I'm going to be on more shows coming up in the next few weeks. Maybe more of MasterChef, maybe something else—being coy because I can't say. Signed a scary NDA. Anyway, I am very honored to be the only food writer in all of Los Angeles represented (credited) on this anniversary episode. That's something, right?

Haven't seen it yet? Well, as they say, check your local listings for next broadcast or view online here. Talk soon.