The S'wonderful, S'marvelous S'more! Spotlighting Top Chef Chris Crary's Deconstructed S'more on National S'mores Day!

hyde smores
S'more the merrier!

They're called s'mores not because of the creator's speech impediment—it's because you can't eat only one, you'll want "some more." Take a squishy, chubby marshmallow and roast it over a flame until slightly charred. Next, grab a couple of squares of Hershey milk chocolate and sandwich them all between graham crackers. It's easy. It's a classic. It's National S'mores Day, of course!

Most of the s'mores I've had in my life are fairly straightforward like the recipe you just read. However, very recently, like last week, I had Top Chef alum and viewer fave, Chris Crary, present a fantastically deconstructed s'more. Yep, he cooks and makes dessert. (Dream guy alert, right?)

I asked chef Crary to explain his version of the s'more. He broke it down like this: "I love s'mores, and I think the best part of a s'more is the burnt marshmallow—don't lie, you know you always burn the marshmallow—and the ooey-gooey melted chocolate. So we played around with it and made the gooey chocolate the warm soft brownie, and the marshmallow is now a torched meringue on the plate. The graham cracker is always so boring so we turned that into the ice cream," explained Crary.

That's a lot of goodies on one plate. If you think you'll miss the graham cracker, don't worry, its flavor is in the ice cream, and the crumbs give it some oomph. If you're gonna celebrate this National Day of the S'more, you might as well honor it right and try chef Crary's re-imagining of this campfire classic. You'll be begging for s'more.

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