Love McDonald's Fries? A New Mickey D's Will Be Offering All-You-Can-Eat Fries, Making McDonald's Fries Lovers' Wishes Come True!

all you can eat fries
Be careful what you wish for...

A sleek new, modern McDonald's in St. Joseph, Missouri is the ground zero for this fast food experiment of fried potato binging in the form of all-you-can-eat-fries. This particular location plans to provide table service, so your endless fries will be brought to your table, thus cutting out the bothersome need to get up off your rump and fill up on fries yourself. Who needs to burn off extra calories anyhow? Your Fitbit doesn't even fit around your wrist anymore, so who cares. Screw it!

There's no price announced for this stuff-yourself-silly privilege, but rest assured, the cost will be more than just a few bucks, young Hercules. McDonald's attempted to be responsible a few years back and did away with "Supersizing." Now with the bottomless fries, the fast food powerhouse may just be saying "F responsible!" Oh, well, one step forward, two steps back, as they say.

Thank you, McDonald's! Another win for freedom and, more importantly, fries!!!

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