Straight Outta Sichuan: Chengdu Distaste. Restaurant Owner Goes Ape Nuts Over Bad Review, Visits Customer's Home & Bashes Door.

(photo: Shanghaiist)

Yeah, that door's gonna need to be replaced. All these dents over a sorta negative restaurant review. Evidently, according to the review, the customer thought the restaurant's noodles "taste was really bad." He went on to say a few more unflattering things. Sure, the feedback wasn't nice but we've all seen worse. However, it was enough to send the owner on a rampage. Although the owner did retort with his two cents, it clearly wasn't enough to extinguish the fiery Sichuan peppercorn rage burning within. So he visited the dissatisfied customer's residence.

Unfortunately for the customer, he forgot about the fact that he had ordered delivery. This is how the owner tracked the guy down. Upon arrival, the owner did his best Kung-Fu panda impersonation on the defenseless metal door and dented it up like a shotgun scattered all over it. At least the customer wasn't around to get his head dented in.

Let this be a lesson, especially to you loose cannon Yelpers: before you leave a nasty review for a restaurant, make sure you didn't order your food for delivery.

Here's the Shanghaiist article.