A Bloody Mess at KCRW.

kcrwwall_remixThe halls of KCRW.

Evan Kleiman, host of KCRW's "Good Food", and I discuss more Deep End Dining food and it turns out to be one bloody mess. After my taping, Evan informed me that Sara Moulton ("Sara's Secrets") was to be interviewed after me. Excited, I wandered the halls of KCRW looking for Ms. Moulton but could not find a hint of her. I guess now I'll have to call into her show to ask about her favorite recipe for stinky tofu and Rocky Mountain tendergroins.

Listen to the show SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 26, 2005 at 11AM Pacific Standard Time (PST).

If you live in Southern California, tune in to KCRW 89.9 FM.


From anywhere with internet access, go to KCRW.COM, click on "simulcast" and listen to the streaming broadcast, also at 11AM PST.


If you missed or dissed the broadcast, listen to the show archived.


Podcast it!

Hope you had a great turkey day!


Eddie Lin said…
quirky panda cub,

welcome to deep end dining. i hope you can catch the kcrw show. thank you for the comment!

i wonder how panda would taste grilled?
Anonymous said…
sara moulton?!??!

i would have waited there all day until i found her.

nice job :)
Eddie Lin said…

you're only saying that 'cause her name is sara too. she's cool because she's no nonsense. i actually would've waited around if jaime oliver was there. okay, okay, so i have a mancrush on jaime but it's nothing more that that!! it takes a really, really straight guy to admit that. really, really, really straight to admit that in public on a blog.


i did have a great thanksgiving. i was at my friends' (todd and kari) place. and everything i hoped for was on the table. i helped prepare some of the food so i didn't feel like a total freeloader. the experimental dish of the night was a kim-chee stuffing (kari is korean). the idea sounded divine to me. however it turned out to be less than. it tasted like seaweed stuffing. all of the kim chee spices burned off from the cooking and for some reason the cabbage and seasoning ended up tasting like seaweed. but it was a noble effort. back to the drawing board.

hope your holidays are going well. peace.
elmomonster said…
Can't wait to hear it! Too bad it takes them a few days to upload the recent shows to their website!

Congrats Eddie! You're a regular on that show now. Like Newman on Seinfeld...except in a good way. HA!
Anonymous said…
I'm not comfortable about this, I mean, your mancrush on me, and this public display...really,you could have told me privatly, like, send me flowers a thome, or something...I've never been mancrushed before, or maybe yes...but, man, who are you? If you're as cute as in your profile picture maybe we could talk...Call me saturday morning, Friday night your time!
Eddie Lin said…
jaime...if this REALLY is jaime,

i do have a mancrush on you but like i said not in a gay way. other guys i know have crushes on people like george clooney but not me. george is cool but he probably can't cook. you can cook and you live in london and have a wicked clothes and that brilliant scooter. your life seems so damn great. perhaps it's not so much that i have a mancrush on you but rather that i really envy who you are and what you have. maybe? you don't seem like a prick either, you know, like gordon the terrible (but i hear he is mostly putting on an act). anyway, send me a private email sometime, mate.

your FRIEND,
Eddie Lin said…

newman is the fat guy on "seinfeld" isn't he? what're you trying to say? huh? huh? so i ate a little too much turkey and mashed potatoes and heaps of gravy and waaay too much stuffing, not to mention the multiple trips back to the dessert tray on thanksgiving. but that's what thanksgiving is all about -- excess!! oh yeah...and thanks. so thanks for the comment.

i see myself as j. peterman just in case anyone asks.
Anonymous said…
When I met you for the first time a the San Fracnoisco SOMA Crawl in front of the Crazy Cow Pub back in 1993 you looked much cuter...
Eddie Lin said…

what the hell kind of name is that? anyway, stop stalking me. the kid is not my son.