CSI:NY is Buggin' Out! Deep End Dining Invades Your TV. Wednesday, March 1st, 10pm on CBS.

csi ny
CSI:NY stars, Gary Sinise and Melina Kanakaredes.

Put away your knitting and set your TiVos because this Wednesday night your television dream is about to become reality. Deep End Dining will be on CSI:NY's soon to be infamous weird food episode. Keep your eyes glued to the plasma or else you might miss seeing my elbow. Even if my elbow is cut from the show, you can still see my technical consulting fingerprints all over this sucker. My fellow Deep End Diners and I can be found (*fingers crossed*) in the big banquet scene. So keep a look out. If you miss this episode of CSI:NY, don't be surprised if a couple of dicks show up to your crib, slap on the bracelets and read you your Miranda.

Watch CSI:NY Wednesday, March 1, 2006 at 10pm PST, only on CBS. Check out the sneak at the CBS website.

If you have no idea what I'm talking about, you can get up to speed with these archived posts:

The behind-the-scenes story of the CSI:NY "Fare Game" episode.

How Deep End Dining got involved with the show.


Juliet said…
I will make a point of watching tomorrow night. I'll also tape it and make a point of showing it to my sqeamish friend, because I am evil like that.

So, is there a possible Emmy in your future? ;-)
BoLA said…
Ooo...I saw you! I saw you! (Twice in that scene!) Great job! ;) Can I get your autograph now??? ;)
elmomonster said…
That was some significant screen time Eddie! You look smashing!

Didn't see the whole episode, just your scene, but did they draw inspiration of the crime (that whole octopus in the gullet thing) from your live tentacle post?

Did you know that was the plot?
Eddie Lin said…

who is your sqeamish friend and did you show it? because that was a pretty intense episode. i thought the cast and crew really pulled it together.

thanks for watching! an emmy is not in my future unless it's the name of another daughter i may have in the future. thanks for the support though!


you want my autograph? i've always wanted to say that. i'll sign your boobs with a sharpie. if i'm lucky!


i got a whole three seconds!!! woohoo!! but the shot was a good one. i wasn't background.

re: the plot. you know, the rumors are that the script was inspired by my post. i didn't ask the writer even though i met him. it may have been. my post was out several months prior to production of this episode. and as far as i could tell, live octopus as food wasn't on the media's radar at all. i'll take the credit because i'm so humble.

i did know the plot. they sent me a script before our first meeting.


you don't have to turn off the show. just peek between your fingers. that's what i do when i watch something scary. and if the sound is scary too, i just say over and over "lalalalalala!! i can't hear you emily rose. lalalalala!! you don't scare me!" it totally works...that is until i have to pee at 3AM. stupid bladder.
Juliet said…
My sqeamish friend is in Michigan. I will show the tape to her in a few weeks, when we go there for our son's 3rd birthday. But I have to admit, I was pretty grossed out by the episode myself. It was cool to see you on TV, though.
Eddie Lin said…

wish your lil' dumpling a happy 3rd b-day for me and many more!!! my lil' dumplette chloe wil be having her b-day at about the same time. she'll be two. they grows up so fast.
Juliet said…
Happy birthday to your little angel! They do grow up fast, don't they? I am dreading when Dumpling starts dating. He's already got two little girlfriends!
Anonymous said…
What's the story with wrapping the tentacles the correct way around the stick, and is there factual basis for the way the woman was murdered? This question was asked previously by someone else, but I haven't seen anyone post an answer to the question. The scene where the restuaranteur was showing the correct way to wrap, or eat, or whatever, was too quick and too strange for me to assimilate the info, so please help explain if you can.
Eddie Lin said…

The deal with wrapping the live octopus the correct way is because an octopus has a natural tendency to fan out i.e. spread out its tentacles. If it does that and grabs a hold of the eater's throat on the way down, then it can asphyxiate him. The Heimlich is not much use against a live octopus. There are many factual examples of death by live octopus consumption. Many of these incidences occur in South Korea where eating live octopus in bars are commonplace. Several people die every year from this daring dish. Hope this answers your questions. Thanks.