Rubbing Elbows. Eddie Lin Meets Suzanne Goin. He's Not Worthy!!

suzanne goin
Suzanne Goin and Eddie Lin at KCRW.

Suzanne Goin is the George Lucas of the LA restaurant scene. (Note: that is, George Lucas before the prequels.) She helms three crowd pleasing, bona fide hits in her restaurant trilogy: Lucques, AOC, and The Hungry Cat. And she appears to run Hollywood’s eat machine on her own terms.

She’s also a class act and soft-spoken. I don’t know what she’s like behind the double swinging doors but when I met her at KCRW, while I was waiting my turn at the mic, she was nothing but respectable. Ms. Goin emanates an enviable quiet confidence that only the chef/owner of three highly successful restaurants possesses.

I had to introduce myself. I’m sure I carried on like a gushing foodie fanboy. Now I know why my 38 year-old virgin friend goes to Star Wars conventions - to have the chance at meeting George Lucas, the Suzanne Goin of science-fiction movies.


Anonymous said…
Super cool!Is she gonna start reading your blog now? she should! we want to see her posting a comment here! she should dare!

Dude, you gotta stop eating balut and loose some weight, though...
Anonymous said…
That's great! I just made a recipe of hers last night to post today...and it was amazing, of course.
Eddie Lin said…

that's funny. actually the first title for this piece was going to be "rubbing elbows. eddie lin meets suzanne goin. will he get a free meal out of her?" but i decided against it. just in case...


i will never stop eating balut but i will stop eating chicken cacciatore. thanks to you!!! i'm trying to lose the weight but you won't stop sending the damn cacciatore!


hi! sorry about cipollaia. she *whisper* has special needs.

anyway, it was awesome meeting suzanne goin. what did you make from her cookbook?
Anonymous said…
I'd made her Braised Leeks before...and last night her Romesco Potatoes. Both out of this world, especially the potatoes.
elmomonster said…
My chef friend worked for Suzanne at Lucques and AOC, and she was all ecstatic when she told me she met I told her "Dude, she's your boss. Calm down!"

I don't get excited when I meet my CEO once...just deathly afraid...

I guess that's the difference between meeting George Lucas and Darth Vader.
Eddie Lin said…

sounds divine. i need to get a copy of it. maybe my new pal suzanne will hook this brother up!


your CEO can't cook like suzanne goin!! or maybe he can. i dunno. i was both fascinated and fearful of the olsen twins when i worked for them. talk about an uncommon work situation.
Anonymous said…
she's a goddess.
Eddie Lin said…

she IS a goddess. that explains everything!! it's sooo not fair. she has powers beyond us mere mortals. no wonder she can operate three successful restaurants in this fashionably fickle town. i want to be thor.
Anonymous said…
eddie, for the love of goddesses, please tell me how to correctly pronounce her last name.

if i were to write a limerick about her, and it started, "there once was a chef, suzanne goin"

would i follow with:

"who works miracles with roast pork loin"


"who, to taste, would never stick her toe in"

or is it some weird french pronunciation like "gwah?"
Eddie Lin said…
"there once was a chef, suzanne goin,
who never out ate a samoan."

yeesh. i made a limmerick with sarah.