Hey, Your Lunch is Squirming. Live Shrimp & Lobster on the Good Food Show. Saturday, June 24, 2006 at 11AM PST.

Deep End Dining on KCRW's Good Food. Guess what's on the menu?

Awww, live shrimp and lobster again?!

Hey, there are kids in Switzerland who've never had Kobe beef!! Be quiet and eat your lunch!

Listen in SATURDAY, JUNE 24, 2006 at 11AM Pacific Standard Time (PST).

If you live in Southern California, tune in to KCRW 89.9 FM.


From anywhere with internet access, go to KCRW.COM, click on "simulcast" and listen to the streaming broadcast, also at 11AM PST.


If you missed or dissed the broadcast, listen to the show archived.


Podcast it!

Hope you enjoy it and thanks for listening!


Colleen Cuisine said…
I set my alarm and everything. Can't wait to wake up to the screams of slowly dying lobsters, to the panicked cry of drunken shrimp jumping away from death. It'll be music to my morbid foodie ears. =)
Eddie Lin said…
Colleen Cuisine,

You are one twisted sister and you are rad.
Juliet said…
Woohoo!We're arriving at my mom's tonight, and she actually has a decent computer. I can listen!

By the way, have you had any sisig yet? That stuff is yummers!
Eddie Lin said…

did you manage to listen to the show? hope you did.

no sisig yet. haven't tried to locate it. wil very soon, hopefully.

Juliet said…
Yep. I listened to it yesterday morning. My stepmom gave me a funny look when she heard a bit. HA! You sure know your freaky food. ^_^
Colleen Cuisine said…
the show was GREAT! I loved every second of it. I wonder what type of mail it will generate... have you gotten any fan/hate mail since Saturday?
elmomonster said…
Well, you've done it again. I was enraptured for those few minutes on radio -- even though I've read your posts on the drunken shrimp and live lobster sashimi before. You have a gift for verbal storytelling and delivery, just as you do with writing. I applaud you and hope they have you on again. Seriously, why don't they just give you your own show!?!!
Eddie Lin said…

thank you so much. i'm very happy that you enjoyed the segment.

as for fan/hate mail...well, you know how it works. people tend to complain more than they will praise. so far i've only received one hate mail, but i don't think the radio station is forwarding all of them to me. i'm curious too.


please spam kcrw with mass email demanding that they give me my own show. this injustice has gone on long enough. also ask them for a bumper sticker for me. thanks. very pleased that you enjoyed the "book on tape" version of my post.