Gettin' Pho-reaky on KCRW. Listen to Eddie's Culinary Adventure in Little Saigon. Saturday, Sept. 16th. 11AM PST. 89.9FM KCRW.


Listen to me describe how pho-reaky a seemingly "innocent" bowl of pho can become this SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 16, 2006 at 11AM Pacific Standard Time (PST) in Southern California at 89.9 FM KCRW.

And stick around because after my infidel-icious segment, my friend and fellow high school alum chum Shahed Amanullah will be chatting about Halal foods and his Halal food finding website,

Speaking of websites, you can also listen via the internet, go to KCRW.COM, click on "simulcast" and listen to the streaming broadcast, also at 11AM PST on Saturday, September, 16th.


If you missed the broadcast, listen to the show archived.


Podcast it!

Hope you enjoy it and thanks, as always, for listening!


Anonymous said…
regarding the unlaid eggs and follicles - I guess it says something about Evan K, but unlaid eggs shouldn't be exotic to her: they are a traditional part of Eastern European (and Central E) Jewish chicken soup along with chicken feet, etc. Last time I saw it on a menu was at a kosher restaurant in Jerusalem, but if you walk into any traditional kosher butcher shop and ask, they will get them for you.
Unknown said…
...and stick around after that, because I'll be getting around to finishing my next contribution to Deep End Dining from London in the next week or so...

[types frantically]
Eddie Lin said…
jerome of LA,

in all fairness to Evan (and you would have no way of knowing this), she did bring it up before we started to tape the segment. she told me a story about how her mother or grandmother would be really excited when a chicken contained follicles. there you have it. Evan still keeps her street cred! ;-)


yeah, yeah, yeah. i've been hearing that line for the last couple of months. who do you think you are? megan mccormick?
elmomonster said…

I just finished listening to your clip, Zahed's, and the Cheese Nun. That was a great show. And I'm sure Evan and NPR listeners were appreciative that you held back on the cock jokes. But you had me on the edge with what could've slipped out of your, that sounded bad.

Anyway, the last three segments were kind of poetic in how it segued into each other -- different P.O.V.'s all talking about one great love, food.

Kudos to you, Zahed and Eddie.
Juliet said…
We still have a POS computer, so I wasn't able to listen.(My music was even put online by a friend. We can't do crap on this thing!) Sorry! Last time you were on, I was at my mom's and could listen on her's. I'll be there in a few weeks, and will definately listen to it archived then. Sorry I missed it.
Eddie Lin said…

thank you! actually it was zahed's twin bro, shahed, who was on the show. (don't worry. it took me a while to be able to tell them apart too!)

and thank you for the really nice comment about keeping the dick jokes in my pants as it were. but you give me too much credit because some of my attempts at dick jokes were censored by the time the segment was aired.


that's okay. no worries. you just missed me talking a lot of smack about cock. take care.