I'm Huge in Spain! Deep End Dining on The Main Ingredient with Host Kelli Brett on Spain's Hot FM.

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The internet is truly amazing. As a blogger, it's really exciting to know that people from virtually anywhere in the world could be reading my stuff. Even as we speak, somebody from Spain might be reading this post. Then, the next thing you know I end up on a Spanish FM radio station talking about rock cod eyeballs and chocolate covered crickets for Halloween.

It's a small world after all.

The Main Ingredient with Kelli Brett is a food show on Spain's Hot FM. Whenever I explain the show to people, the description can get a little confusing. The show is produced in Spain but is not a Spanish language show - it's in English. The host Kelli Brett is a smart and sassy ex-pat from Australia who discusses food in all its glorious forms. Put it all together and you have an Aussie in Spain talking food in English to a Chinese-American guy about odd eats in the US. Not confusing at all. Makes perfect sense, right?

I have been a guest on The Main Ingredient three times via telephone. I normally get the call at 8AM Eddie time which is 5PM Kelli time. At that hour I'm mainlining my first cup of coffee while she's sipping sangria.

Recently I got an mp3 of the frightful Halloween special Kelli and I taped back in October 2006.

Also on that special I recite some of a myspace friend's weird food poem. This horrifying poetry slam is accompanied by scary echo effects on my voice, spooky music and creepy sound effects.

Gracias, my Spanish amigos y amigas!

Hope you enjoy it whoever and wherever you are.

(Running time: approx 15 min.)


elmomonster said…
Always a treat to hear witty banter. Perfect ending: "If you haven't experienced it, (pause) then it doesn't matter."
Anonymous said…
Hey, you're here too:
Anonymous said…
Mighty fine to see someone else so dedicated to weirdo food.And you might know or want to know that youre featured in the Hong Kong News food section.I just landed here after spending a month eating dog and drinking bottled cobra, sadly I
couldn´t find any
cat-restaurants which they claim still exist. Had boiled monkey brain though, in Malaysia.
Jonas Liverod / Sweden.
Eddie Lin said…

thank you. wait till you hear our next one - we go from witty to dirty with body sushi as our topic!


thank you for the heads up! very nice piece!! i'm huge in buffalo, ny too!!!

jonas liverod,

monkey brain? r u serious??? wow!

by the way, could you tell me if there is a link to that hong kong news food section feature of me? and do you know the date of that edition?

say hi to everyone in sweden for me and thanks!!
Anonymous said…
WOW! PB & Jf? That's crazy!

Your videos are very entertaining. It brings another dimension to food blogging.

Keep it up!
Anonymous said…
Nice work...you managed to break the space time continuum in that radio interview because it was so damn slow. 15 minutes of my life wasted. Ever consider changing your name to MC Tylenol PM?
I've been studying Spanish for 12 weeks now, can I count as your Spanish readership?

Tu eres mi amigo!

that's about all I can say...and it's probably wrong...