Street Eats. Two Wrongs Do Make a Right. Bacon-Wrapped Hot Dogs. Reseda, CA. In Front of the 99 Cents Store (Sherman Way). Eatin' Comida Loca!

Street Food: Bacon Dogs on Vimeo

Have you ever ended a Friday night stumbling out of the Wiltern Theatre trailed by vodka vapors, hunger pangs burning your belly and then landing headlong on to Wilshire Boulevard in front of a bacon-wrapped hot dog vendor? No? Well, then you haven't lived.

The alluring aroma of this Mexican treat clears the booze in your brain for a minute or two, then you think, "I can't eat this stroke-in-a-bun at this time of night." Too bad. We're talking a juicy hot dog combined with greasy, crispy, sweet bacon. Who says two wrongs don't ever make a right? Right here, right now, the bacon dog is right on. Resistance is pretty much futile. The bacon dog - she's an insistent seductress.

Apparently, she's dangerous too. The bacon dog is somewhat of an adventurous food item since local health officials consider it illegal, unsanitary and unsafe. But who cares, you're partying, and you're drunk and hungry. That's what getting lit is all about, right? Tossing your fuddy-duddiness out the window along with your GI tract. Plus, illegal is your new favorite flavor. And after you inhale that bacon dog with extra grilled onions and poblano pepper, find out what that nice girl wearing the tiny skirt, hanging out by the bus stop is doing later. 'Cause tonight you're livin' la vida loca!

Watch this video as I do my best Ignatius J. Reilly impersonation. Enjoy!


Anonymous said…
bacon wrapped hot dogs... genius
elmomonster said…
Brand S...Isn't that the brand sold at the 99 Cent Only Store! Profits galore!

Nice touch with the scribbled cardboard sign. It lends a certain je ne sais quas to the entire endeavour!
Van Han said…
Where's the grilled onions? You could've tacked on an extra 50 cents per dog. I wonder which customer benefitted from the "2 second rule"?
Anonymous said…
bacon makes everything taste better and the scent is intoxicating
Unknown said…
Is Diane a friend of yours? Tell her Rick C. from A-1 All American said HI!
Anonymous said…
you dropped the hotdog and still continued! gross.. but authentic.
Eddie Lin said…

It's even better eating one! *drool*


i got my "brand s" hot dogs at food for less. i'm just very proletariat that way. glad you like the cardboard sign. i got the idea from a homeless guy.

van han,

i sorta had grilled onions but most of them slipped through the bbq grill. i need to fry some up in the house and then bring em out next time. as far as the "2 second rule" dog, i probably ate it. extra flava, yo!


bacon is the ultimate aphrodisiac. did you know that? just effin' with you.

Hi Rick,

Actually Diane is my wife. She's told me stories about you. How funny! Are you still at A-1 All American? She misses you. Let me know when you read this.


droppin' the dog - like i mentioned above - is mo' flava, yo! eat it!
Anonymous said…
Very cool. I like the I. Reilly comparison. I picture him a lot more rotund than yourself and a little less Asian!
adam said…
To of my friends tried this (without bacon) with somewhat less succes than you. Last year they build a grill on wheels to be pulled by a bicycle, planning to make fortunes at parks and parties throughout the summer.

For their first try they went to a squatted house just around the corner which was having a big party. They arrived quite late planning to be greated by hordes of drunk punks with munchies.

Turned out it was a vegan festival. The only hotdog they sold was to a vegan deep end diner who wanted to proof to his friends he could eat meat if he wanted.

And now I'll go to the street getting a one danish style - a "pølse i svøb" (a swathed sausage)- guarenteed containing only pork.