Hell's Angel. Eddie Lin's Interview with Bonnie Muirhead of Hell's Kitchen. Tanzore Restaurant. Beverly Hills, CA.

Bonnie Muirhead from alba and Vimeo.

Man, am I hungover! I'm not sure if it's from the free flowing Charbay at Tanzore in Beverly Hills or from Gordon Ramsay's incessant barrage of browbeatings via the F-word on the Hell's Kitchen finale blasting over the Bose speakers at volume 11. But, bloody hell, what a headache! F*bleep*K ME!!!

bonnie and cam

Season 3 of Gordon Ramsay's Hell's Kitchen ended a couple of nights ago and I was there to see the last episode reveal itself with 80 of Bonnie Muirhead's closest friends. First runner-up Bonnie didn't get the keys to the restaurant (the other finalist "The Rock" got those). However, the night was a lot of fun and Bonnie, her friends, family and hangers-on were a great bunch of party people to see the last Hell's Kitchen of the season with.

Bonnie is not just a pretty face (even though she's the one that puts the "hotness" into Hell's Kitchen). She is hella talented with plenty of mad skillz that she puts to good use on the show — enough mad skillz to make it to the last show. As you'll find out after watching my drunken interview with Bonnie, she's no fluke but, rather, is a triple threat of brains, talent and ambition with plenty of hotness to wrap 'em all up into one pretty package.

eddie and bonnie

Best wishes to you, Bonnie!

Enough of this bollocks! Back to work, you cows!

(Apologies in advance for the singing.)


Anonymous said…
Bonnie should have won.
she out rocks.. Rock.
and.. she doesnt have the " i should be in a court ordered anger management class" anger issue and pouty lip, whiner attitude that Rock seemd to exibit EACH WEEK!

what do i know.. i think eddie is freakin yummylicious.
Unknown said…
Hi Eddie,

I came across your blog today and fell instantly in love with it. You´re on a mission I completely endorse (and I hope I´ll get the chance to try as many interesting, weird, delicious or just strange dishes as you have). Although I`ll skip the duck embryo - I couldn't stand the feeling of feathers in my mouth, I think (or didn`t you feel them?)
Anyway, after watching the video of your Shanghai orgy with brain and penis - I do like brain, but didn't have the chance to try penis yet (my mother will be glad to hear that, i guess) - I wondered, if there is anything in the world, that you just simply wouldn't eat? (Now I don't mean anything like humans or any sick stuff, but things that are regularly consumed by people).
In the meantime, I´ll stay tuned and will be waiting eagerly for new adventures.

Best wishes from Germany,

SteamyKitchen said…
Dude. I'm going Karaoke'ing with you next time.
Anonymous said…
Interesting video – no feather's huh? Gros Bisous, Ms. Glaze
Anonymous said…
dude, you belong in hollywood. your mission: go sneak some huitlacoche into posh beckham's foccacia sandwich next time you're at some swanky shindig, esse. that girl gotta eat!
Alba said…
In the interest of Keeping all the comments in one place, I'm re-posting a comment from the vimeo page where our video is hosted.

Oyvind Stensveen http://www.vimeo.com/user331913 commented via Vimeo:

"What an incredibly lame introduction to the interview! How difficult is it for a native speaker of English to understand another? And further, since when is 'cockney' a region? How about doing some more homework? Finally, the self-censorship: why on earth would you say 'bleep'? Maybe you should take GR's advice and locate your bollocks? Else, good initiative and OK execution. Cheers, OY!"
Eddie Lin said…
hey Oyvind Stensveen,

if you'll notice the interview is prefaced as a drunken one i.e. we were both pretty inebriated. when i get skunk drunk i can't help singing. perhaps you sodomize farm animals when you have one too many. no, don't tell me!!! i really don't want to know (because you probably do).

you're right. cockney is not a region. again, i was hammered and meant to say "what accent is Gordon's?" although cockney is not a region, i hear cocksucker is, and a little filipino bird told me that's where you are from.

i can't say "bleep"? it's just a low tech way of censorship. it's also common in american speech. i know you're not from the US but that's okay. how do they self censor where you're from? you know how animals sounds are different in different languages? like "waf-waf" is the dutch interpretation of a dog's bark. and "woof-woof" is the English version. perhaps your country's version of "bleep" is "i wish someone would stick a dildo in Oyvind's gash". of course that's assuming you're from the region of cocksucker.

Gordon Ramsay has your ballsack currently on his personal tasting menu. Cheers!