Boned Duck Web. Against Nature but Naturally Delicious. Listen This Saturday, June 20th at 11AM PST on KCRW or KCRW.COM.

Totally boned.

These spicy, boneless duck web are admittedly freakish, even by dim sum standards. The thing is, though, they're really tasty. Spicy duck web has a textural quality that make them as addictive as a bag of potato chips: crunchy and munchy, except also slippery and dimple-riddled with spicy chili sauce slicked all over them. Not exactly Ruffles but damn good.

Furthermore, spicy duck web is the only dish at dim sum that literally involves a U.S. patent. Strange but true.

Listen to me describe this delectably, daffy and ducky dish to Good Food's gracious host, Evan Kleiman. I think this time I actually didn't turn her stomach. You be the judge and check out this week's show.

Happy Father's Day and congrats to the Class of 2009! Hello summer!


Sounds delicious. Boned duck webs... hmmm. Sounds like something I will have to try at the soonest possible occasion!