Grub Street = "Hack Writers". Don't Take My Word for it. Check Wikipedia.

(from Wikipedia)

How does Wikipedia know everything? Scary. Check out its entry about Grub Street.

P.S. Editor denies any plagiarism perpetrated by Hadley "the Hack" Tomicki. No reason. No explanation. Just denial. Editor simply doesn't believe this was plagiarism. Nothing to see here. Move along.

I guess we'll all have to just take her word for it. Or not.


Big Ghost said…
Grub Street has instantly destroyed its credibility with one hack post. It should fire Tomicki or, at the very least, cut off his balls.

I had the feeling that many writers of corporate-owned news publications troll blogs for content and ideas, rather than do their own legwork and be creative.

This is definite proof of that.
Cynthia said…
Maybe his intentions were to troll around and get ideas and inspiration from blogs and such, but there's a fine line between inspiration and plagiarism. At the very least, he should have referenced your post from the start. You probably won't get an apology (maybe he really thinks he didn't plagiarize? Who knows), but I hope he does address the topic instead of just adding a "related" link at the end of his post.
Anonymous said…
This was not plagiarism, but it was bad form. He should have referenced your post, and even quoted it, from the start. Bad job, but technically it's not theft or plagiarism.
betty said…
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