When Rare is Just Way Overcooked. Eating Raw Chicken. This Saturday, August 1, 2009 at 11AM. KCRW 89.9FM & KCRW.COM.

El Pollo "Effin'" Loco

Why? is always the first question. Why would you do that? Eat raw chicken? My answer: I'm not sure. I guess I wanted to know what it's like? To understand why people eat this? Because it's there? I've always wondered what salmonella tastes like dipped in a wasabi slurry? I was really hungry and couldn't wait for it to be cooked? Or maybe I just wanted to make myself sick and end it all? I don't know, really.

Listen to this week's Good Food Show with Evan Kleiman and find out why I'd intentionally ingest a serving of raw chicken. Tune in this Saturday, August 1, 2009 at 11AM to 89.9FM KCRW if you're in SoCal. Listen to the KCRW podcast whenever.

Here's a link to Deep End Dining's own podcast on eating raw chicken on purpose.

Thanks for listening, you guys.


Aliiiiiiiiice said…
but how do you know when it's saLmoneLLa-free??? i'm assuming that the stuff you get at the supermarket is not raw-friendLy.

it SEEMS it'd be more chewy than buttery as a raw meat.

IS IT?!!!!11
Anonymous said…
Haha raw chicken... yeah I thought bang salmonella as soon as I read the title haha
In the Mexican state of Guerrero, there's a raw chicken dish where its only topping is a hot green salsa. Pretty...rare.