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Real-life bogeymen carry briefcases.

The real monsters aren't hiding under your bed or lurking in a dark alley or waiting for a bolt of lightning to bring it to lumbering life. No, I'm afraid the really horrifying creatures lead, lobby and enforce various aspects of the Frankenfood monster that is America's food industry.

It is a miracle in and of itself that FOOD, Inc. was even made as a film and shown around the country considering how litigious and bullying the food industry is. I am in absolute awe at the fortitude of everyone involved not only in front of the camera but behind it as well.

There is one memorable albeit infuriating scene where, one early morning, immigration police arrest fearful and helpless migrant workers as they are headed to work at one of the mega-meat packing plants. The pure evil in this "law enforcement" charade lies in the fact that the employer does not get raided and busted, but rather it's the powerless worker who gets processed and deported, sometimes after years of working in the filth, fear and danger of a major meat packing facility. A family is broken up. Meanwhile, without missing a beat, the mega-meat packing plant brings more migrant workers over illegally to feed the insatiable needs of the industry which in turn is feeding our insatiable hunger for dirt cheap meat.

"A culture that views a pig as a pile of protoplasmic, inanimate structure to be manipulated by whatever creative design a human can foist on that critter will probably view individuals within its community and other cultures in the community of nations with the same type of disdain and disrespect and controlling type mentality." - Joel Salatin, Owner, Polyface Farms.

So please buy from companies that treat workers, animals and the environment with respect. And, please pick up a copy of FOOD, Inc. on Tuesday, November 3rd.

I'm giving away 5 DVD copies of FOOD, Inc. If you'd like to enter a drawing for a free DVD copy of FOOD, Inc., send an email to:

Also, please leave a comment below about how you're trying to be more conscientious with your food consumption. I'd love to read about it.

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Foodie Traveler said…
Thanks Eddie, I love that you are promoting this movie - and this cause. There is so much ignorance out there, not many realize the impact our poor food practices have had on our health, the environment, etc. For me, it means that I no longer buy any animal protein at vons, albertsons, etc. They simply do not carry almost any organic/sustainable items. Their produce is often questionable as well. I stick with the Farmer's market, Whole Foods, TJs, etc. But you still have to watch. Just last week I gave the fish vendor at the Torrance mkt a hard time for selling Chilean Sea bass. The week before that it was farmed Atlantic Salmon. Another thing I do now - when I go to a restaurant, I always ask where the meat/fish was sourced. I make them check, if for no other reason to show the mgmt that people do care out there.
Unknown said…
Other than shopping to buy locally produced organic veggies and farm raised meats and eggs, I have pretty successfully eliminated high fructose corn syrup and most processed foods from my diet.
Diana said…
Gosh, I haven't eaten "fast food" in over 5 years. I try to buy whole foods and make all meals from scratch. Dinner is usually a salad of some sort, with beans as a major protein source. My dog gets a majority of his treats from my veggie scraps. he ADORES pumpkin skins-so that cuts out a lot of processed dog treats from I don't know where.

When I buy meat, I prefer knowing where it came from-a more humane, "old fashioned" ranch or farm. I try to get my produce from farmer's markets. I read labels for ingredients and nutrition facts.

I like eating at places where food is sourced from local farmers and ranchers. I do NOT only buy from vendors labeled "organic", because that label has a mess of legislature behind it that DOES NOT guarantee the food is any better. I agree with Russ Parsons that the new organic fad is just that, a fa that cuts many local farmers out of profits.

I try not to be a jerk about it. I refuse to "tell off" vendors for selling certain items. That isn't right-these guys work hard for a living, and rude people neither influence them nor make their day better. The righteous person just ends up looking like a jerk to everyone around.

It's good to be a knowledgeable, concerned consumer, bu it is NOT ok to be a jerk about it to everyone else.
Eddie Lin said…
Foodie Traveler,

Thanks for your compliment and support. I appreciate that you're doing your part. Keep up the good food fight.


Thanks, dude. Good to hear from you!


I wholeheartedly agree, it's not okay to be a jerk. The self-righteous vegans and food nazis that Tony Bourdain rails against are only preaching to the choir and turning everyone else off. That said, the obnoxious lecturing and bickering from some misdirected though conscientious eaters are nothing compared to the closed door dealings, black ops style intimidation, legal manipulations, nefarious business practices, law enforcement connections and utter contempt of its customers, product, employees and the planet that sums up the actions and culture of the major food industries. The only thing THEY respect is money and there can never be too much of it.

Not to sound too preachy because I'm not very religious but the root of all evil is what THEY seek to maximize and by any means necessary.

I'll take a few minutes of harping by an annoying vegan any day than stand idly by while the mega-food complex destroys another generation as they fatten their off shore bank accounts.
Amy said…
I try to be aware of where my food comes from and I haven't eaten out in years. I think that this is a fantastic promotion and personally, I would love to watch it.
I do not think that many people are aware of the whose, where's, and what's about their food, other than taking it forgranted.