Eddie Lin's "Extreme Cuisine" Listed on Entertainment Weekly's The Must List!

Is she screaming about the alligator cheesecake in the book?

What do Amy Poehler, the PC guy and my book, Extreme Cuisine, have in common? They're all on this week's Entertainment Weekly's The Must List! My book is number 3 on the list on page 5 in the November 6, 2009 issue.

Three is a magic number!

I'm not sure why my book made it on the list, but, hey, friends, I'm not complaining at all. I'm glad somebody finds the book entertaining.


Thanks to Jessica Yee, a reader and fellow Sunny Hills High School alum, for the heads up! Also, thanks to Entertainment Weekly for the cool honor, and, definitely thanks to Rana Freedman, my U.S. publicist, for all her hard work! You guys are great!


Juliet said…
*breaks out the celebratory stinky tofu* Congratulations!
glutster said…
yeeaah boi!

...we are the shit.

Gary said…
Wonderful. And well-deserved! Remember, I knew you when you weren't famous.