The Princesses & the Frog Legs. Phong Dinh Restaurant. Rosemead, CA.

Anna & Chloe, a couple of princesses with their frog legs.

Back when I was a kid, the weirdest, gross out food ever was definitely frog legs. Based on an unscientific survey of my second grade class at John Foster Dulles Elementary, this opinion was universally agreed on. Frog legs were guaranteed to induce gagging whenever brought up in juvenile banter. In our young and wildly vivid imaginations, scores of legless frogs sat pathetically in wheelchairs panhandling outside of French restaurants with signs imploring, "Human, can you spare a dime...or maybe a leg."

Even I, the kid who ate brains, couldn't stand the thought of eating frog legs. I mean that was just totally crossing the line. Beyond the pale. Obscene cuisine, even. I pondered about who these French people were who ate such culinary atrocities. I personally didn't know any French people at that age in my suburban Los Angeles neighborhood, especially any who ate the legs of frogs.

Nowadays, frog legs are, eh, a walk in the park. Actually, maybe more like a swim in the pond, fork in hand, grab one of the mucus covered amphibians and, ta-da, lunch! Then, yank off the hoppers, batter up and dunk in hot grease. The batter is chunky and crunchy (like that of the old Pioneer Chicken or current Popeye's) and the meat is a tender chicken of the pond with tiny bones that are easy to pull out clean.

Friggin' fabulous, fried frog legs!

Just like big tobacco companies, "start 'em young" is my motto for getting kids to eat strange foods. But, circumstances can develop a little strangely even for me sometimes. For example, after watching a screening of the freshly released The Princess and the Frog, my little girl Chloe, all aglow, declared enthusiastically, "That was awesome!" However, the next thing to come out of her 5 year-old mouth was not, "Can we go to the Disney Store and buy up everything with The Princess and the Frog logo on it? Huh, can we? Huh, huh??? Puleeeeze!!!" Nor was it, "Wow! I want to be just like Princess Tiana when I grow up!!" Instead it was, "Daddy, remember when we ate frog legs? I want to eat some again. They were good! Can we get some now?" I was speechless and just marveled at her statement in disbelief and could only stare back at this small person sitting next to me. Then I smiled really big and said, "Sweetheart, let's get some now." Because real princesses know it's better to eat a frog than to kiss one.

Phong Dinh Restaurant
2643 San Gabriel Boulevard
Rosemead, CA 91770-3253 -
Ph: 626.307.8868
Daily 10:30am-10:30pm


Val said…
You are lucky both to have an opportunity to get them started on unusual food early and have them like it as well! I love Phong Dinh - my favorite is the watersnake wrapped in lot leaves, but someday I'm going to brave the ominous looking eel pot. Great article!
DocChuck said…
I guess I am a bit confused here.

We Southern American citizens have been gigging, cleaning, and eating frog legs for several generations -- at least in MY family (members of which arrived in this country via Plimoth Plantation).

So what is the big deal about some foreign asian restaurant selling frog legs?

They are delicious. They are nutritional.

We American citizens like them. WHY is that 'blogger news'???
EatMyFist said…
Don't worry, Eddie. DocChuck aka DumbFuck is a mental retard. Happy Kwanzaa and Hanukkah to All!
Anonymous said…
I heard he Doc Chuk had down syndrome.
DocChuck said…
I guess you failed to answer my primary question: ".... what is the big deal about some foreign asian restaurant selling frog legs?"

It is easy to disparage someone who questions your validity, but it is not always easy to intelligently respond to an educated American citizen?

PLEASE, Mr. Eddie, enlighten us idiot American natives how you can educate us to the fine art of eating American food.

And kindly invite your other 'commenters' (those few who are able to respond in proper English grammar) to join in the discussion.
Anonymous said…
Eddie, why make visible this retard's rants? It's your blog. Everyone who reads blogs knows CockChuck is a retard or has downs.

Hey, CockChuck, there is NO big deal about serving frog legs in a "foreign asian restaurant". You're the idiot who's saying it's a big deal. Retard. It's just a story about frog legs, dumb ass!!!!!!
Elliott said…
I love frog legs and look forwrad to trying Phong Dinh. Thanks!

However, I am a bit confused as well. Why in the world would this be a platform for an argument and such abrasive tone? Why, DocChuck, are you so offended by anything written here? It's simply a story about a personal history of a food item and a recommendation of a restaurant that serves said item.

I hated applesauce as a kid the way Eddie hated frog legs. I guess I better not blog about that. Who knows what our country's forefathers might extract from implications in it.
Anonymous said…
A girl named Elliott,

Don't get into it with DocChuck. Just google his moniker and you'll see why he's such a hater. He's done jail time for his online behavior. Pretty extreme guy.
Juliet said…
You must be such a proud papa! Raising your girls to enjoy the good stuff! :-)

When Dave and I go to the Chinese buffet and he sees me eating frog legs, he gets grossed out. So I stick my chopsticks in his face and offer him some. I love tormenting my husband.
Smorg said…
Awesome! I wish some of the Asian restaurants here would serve this. I did have some frog legs (along with the fire ant omelette) when visiting Thailand in the 90's and loved 'em (of course, only finding out what they really were after having eaten half the plate... And thought it no use to start gagging just then). :o)

Merry Christmas and Happy 2010!
Anonymous said…
Good choice to engage DocChuck. Kinda like having a celebrity hater come visit.