TiGeorges' Chicken. Los Angeles' Only Haitian Restaurant. This Saturday, January 23, 2010 at 11AM PST on KCRW 89.9FM and KCRW.COM.

Georges Laguerre aka TiGeorges, chef/owner of TiGeorges Chicken.

TiGeorges' Chicken has been a hot spot lately. It's been the place to be for the past week. Not because a big celebrity was seen here eating the famous spit roasted chicken or because a trendy young guest chef tested out some new culinary creations in the kitchen. None of those.

TiGeorges' was the place to be if you wanted to help. Sure, anyone can just text message in his donation and get it done with. But, if you wanted a sense of community while you contributed assistance to the desperate needs of the Haitian earthquake victims, TiGeorges' was the best place in town.

For a sprawling metropolitan like LA, that's saying a lot. It is a rare thing for LA to become a small town. What's more is that we've become a small town over an earthquake (something most Angelenos can relate to), even if that quake happened thousands of miles away in a country called Haiti.

Haitian acra.

I discuss the tragic earthquake and its devastating aftermath with TiGeorges. I learn about what he's been doing to aid his fellow Haitians after the quake and even prior to it. TiGeorges has been carrying out his Haitian humanitarian efforts for years well before the earthquake.

We also talk food and the special, uniquely Haitian appetizers like acra or accra, a fritter made from malanga, a tuber related to taro. At his restaurant, TiGeorges fashions his acra out of taro and herring.

Relief supplies collected for Haitian earthquake victims.

Please tune in this Saturday, January 23, 2010 at 11AM to KCRW 89.9FM or KCRW.COM. It should be a fascinating show. You can also learn how to help out Haiti in many ways, including by dining.

Here's a link for more information about the show.

As always, thanks for listening. We are the world.


dingobear said…
I like the pictures in this post.

Keep spreading the word; you're doing a good thing.
Eddie Lin said…

hey, thanks, I will! nice to hear from you.
The Duo Dishes said…
This was such a great thing to see! Had no idea there was a Haitian resto in LA, so this was a great thing to hear too. Food bloggers nation/worldwide are organizing an effort to raise money for Haiti all throughout February. Every bit helps!