I'll Be the Judge of That! Top Chef Masters Season 2 Episode 6. Release the Kraken!! And Join Me for the TCM Viewing Party at The Edison Downtown!

From left: Jay Rayner (TCM judge), Kelly Choi (TCM host), Andrew Zimmern (Bizarre Foods host), Eddie Lin, Marc Moss (Weird Food Festival co-founder) & Bill Esparza (Street Gourmet LA food writer).

Bow down, mortals! For at my whim and pleasure, I control the fates of the remaining Top Chef Masters' competitors. Nationally and internationally renowned chefs, respected and adored for their unique and supreme skills in the kitchen, individually they are worshiped by legions of fans like so many slobbering lap dogs, but when they face me and my palate of power, I will decide who is worthy and who is worthless.

Make no mistake, I will bring it! Like Simon Cowell and Len Goodman's love child, I will strike mercilessly in the glorious tradition of the competition show heavy and I shall take no prisoners. Do you hear me, Susan Feniger?

Those who please me will be exalted and made kitchen demigods; those who disgust me will be converted into sweetbreads, headcheese and pudding by their own kitchen staff and ravenously devoured by Andrew Zimmern and Jonathan Gold.

But the question is who gets the thumbs up and who doesn't. You'll have to watch Wednesday, May 12th at 10pm Pacific and 11pm Central on Bravo to find out. (Also I can't say anymore because I signed my home and kids away in a 5 page opus of a non-disclosure agreement, so I don't want to get sued, okay?! Yeah, even this god hates the inside of a courthouse.)

In all honesty, being a judge on Top Chef Masters truly is one of the highlights of this humble LA food blogger's career. I was treated really well by the crew — like a rock star you could say. I've been in front of the camera on many television shoots and Top Chef Masters is without a doubt the highest caliber production I've ever had the pleasure of being associated with.

The show spared no expense and provided private dressing trailers, eager assistants almost begging to serve us, make-up professionals with state-of-the-art hi-def make-up (yes, hi-def make-up!), wardrobe adjustments, awesome hair products, a camera-friendly waitstaff bringing us booze and food, more booze, more food and, most of all, the experience of a lifetime.

Host Kelly Choi was a doll. And lucky for me, she introduced herself because I didn't know who the host was. Up to that day I had never seen a single Top Chef or Top Chef Masters show. I know, I know, nice research, dumdum. But, hey, I don't have Bravo!!

Kelly is charming and beautiful, and I was lucky enough to sit right next to her at the judges' table. In between takes, she asked me for LA restaurant recommendations and I asked her for New York tips. She even invited me out to dinner with her whenever I'm in New York. That's an offer you simply can't refuse.

Jay Rayner, one of the show's regular judges, sat across from me and was a pleasure to chat with too. He was particularly interested in all the exotic foods that I've had in my life. Lucky for him, Andrew Zimmern was sitting to his right and was able to more than satiate his extreme cuisine curiosities.

Other than these teasey tidbits, I can't spill any more beans. You'll just have to watch Top Chef Masters for yourself.

If you're in Los Angeles, why not join me and watch the episode in steampunk style at one of my favorite restaurant-lounges in town, The Edison. If you've never been, The Edison is truly one of a kind and defies categorization. It's frankly an amazing experience just to stand in this hip yet historical space.

Top Chef Masters Viewing Party with Top Chef Masters' judges Eddie Lin & Bill Esparza this Wednesday (5/12) at the Edison in Downtown LA. Join us in the Tesla Lounge and the Generator Lounge from 9pm-'til after the show. Come celebrate and have some of those famous Edison cocktails. Just mention "Top Chef Masters" at the door and you'll be directed to the screening rooms.

Top Chef Masters is on Bravo from 10pm-11pm here in LA.

The Edison Downtown
108 West 2nd Street
Los Angeles, CA 90012


Anonymous said…
eddie that is awesome!!!! since i first met ou at theedison...only fitting i see u again there! i'll def try to make it to the viewing show!!!!
That's great, Eddie. Congrats. I don't think I can make it there tomorrow night, but if I can find a way, I will be there!
How exciting and congratulations!

Still waiting for the new series to hit down under and will look forward to to catching you on it when it eventually airs in Australia.
Daily Gluttony said…
SOOOO super excited for you Eddie! I wish I could join you at the Edison, but I've got mommy duties, so I'll be watching at home! Congrats!
Sorry I couldn't make it last night, Ed, but let me know if another opportunity comes up. I did get home in time to see you on the tube though. Nice work!
A round of applause for your article post. Thanks Again. Keep writing.
Anonymous said…
Good grief, Kelly Choi looks like a stick! I hope you ate a lot of fatty, greasy food to put some weight on that girl!
Anonymous said…
I'd like to 'Ripa' that Kelly