Hog Day Afternoon. Professor Salt Makes Us the Phenomenal Bacon Explosion at the Orange County BBQ Festival. Kaboom!!

Pretty in porky pink: beautiful inside & out.

On a perfect June gloom afternoon, Shuji Sakai, my old food blogger friend (one of the OGs in the food blogging world and Chowhound), better known as Professor Salt, made me an offer I just could not refuse. He invited me down to the Orange County BBQ Festival benefiting Kristie's Foundation to try a bacon explosion. After a solitary tear of absolute joy trickled down my greasy cheek, I answered, "You had me at 'bacon'."

Along with the KCRW Good Food posse and Valentino Herrera of Trippy Food, we ventured deep into South OC to have an intimate evening with my dream cuisine of bacon engulfed with sausage and finally wrapped with bacon, i.e. the bacon explosion.

I had never indulged in a bacon explosion before and only heard about its irresistible magnetism and unfathomable flavors from meat-eating myth and legend. A bacon explosion v-v-v-virgin I was. There, I said it! And, like any virgin, I was scared and more than a little excited too.

Want some of this?

Professor Salt made some tasty voodoo happen with his crazy delicious rendition of the bacon explosion. It was so good that we couldn't stop eating it, but at some point we had to, otherwise our arteries would explode along with the bacon.

They say you never forget your first and this, my first bacon explosion, was one for the ages.

Check the HD viddy of Professor Salt's bacon explosion and watch as his porcine pyrotechnics dazzle our taste buds!

The Bacon Explosion from Ed Lin on Vimeo.


Food GPS said…
"Porcine pyrotechnics." That's so great, but also kind of sad, since I wasn't there to experience the explosion.
Val said…
I'm glad you reproduced your quote here, which you and I both know will end up on the proverbial radio cutting room floor. Man, I'm still picking out bacon shrapnel.
Eddie Lin said…
Food GPS,

I did take some bacon explosion leftovers with me (would that be called "bacon shrapnel" like Val calls it in the comment below?), but, sorry, can't offer any of that to you cuz it's all gone now. If I ever cook one myself, I'll be sure to invite you!


You're glad I "reproduced" my virgin quote? Nice, you dirty old man.
Professor Salt said…
One moment, I said, "you guys can take home the leftovers." The next minute, I turn around and they were wrapped up and disappeared.

That's when I knew you guys REALLY liked it.

I didn't see you guys carrying it out - did you smuggle out the foil pack like Derek Smalls i.e. "trouser helper"?
Hey I get Eddie and Val in one convenient video. Good work. Looks amazing!
Exile Kiss said…
Hi Eddie,

Wow! That Bacon Explosion looks... scary, impressive, and awesome! (^_^) Thanks for the video and thoughts. Sounds lovely. I wish some restaurant would serve this.