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Yo, big dawg, howz about a Dodger Dog?

Take me out to the ball game
Take me out to the crowd
Buy me some sushi and Dodger Dogs...

*record ssssccraaatcchh!!*

Say what??? Sushi and Dodger Dogs?! That just sounds wrong! But it doesn't stop there. How about martinis instead of Budweiser? Or a Taiwanese cuisine night? Greek salad? And *gasp* curried chicken lettuce wraps???!!!

What happened to good ol' peanuts and Cracker Jacks you ask? They're still there but they have a lot more culinary company nowadays.

For better or for worse, these are your new Los Angeles Dodgers dining options.

Dodger Stadium Executive Chef Joseph Martin and the voluptuous Victory Knot.

If you're a purist, then you may not be too hot on the new grub. I, however, like the idea of a Picante Dog, the Victory Knot or the fancy carving station in the Stadium Club. I even like the special fanboy Star Wars menu.

Major League munchies!

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V is for Victory Knot! Go Dodgers!!



Val said…
You don't say (in the article at least) how the food tastes, although it looks tasty enough. I'd say that offering anything besides a Dodger Dog has the potential of being a vast improvement.
stuffycheaks said…
In a melting pot that is la, it's about time they offered more ethnic food at games.wonder what the Taiwanese dishes would be. is the victory know a pretzel or a gigantic sausage? hope its the former
I don't think I've ever even had a Dodger Dog, so I've got some catching up to do.