Cool Haus' Brown Butter with Candied Bacon Ice Cream. It's HOGen-Dazs Heaven. Cool Haus. Mobile Locations.

So good I could squeel!

Once in a while a good deed not only goes unpunished but is actually rewarded. That is, if your idea of a princely reward is a cold, silky scoop of ice cream on a hot summer's day during your break volunteering at KCRW's Summer Pledge Drive. (For the record, I wasn't volunteering. I was at the radio station recording a segment and simply freeloaded off the volunteers' sweat.)

This was no average ice cream though. This was ice cream from Cool Haus. And this wasn't just any of the many unique flavors from the ├╝bercool ice cream truck. This was bacon ice cream!!! Brown Butter with Candied Bacon to be exact!

I wasn't just in hog heaven. I was in HOGen-Dazs heaven! Get it? Soooeeee!!

Sandwiched between two chunky and chewy chocolate chip cookies was a mound of luxuriously creamy and buttery and crispy and bacony and omigod I can't believe this bacon is still crunchy Brown Butter with Candied Bacon ice cream by Cool Haus.

That Shepard Fairey. He's so hot right now.

The customized edible wrapper printed with the latest, edgy KCRW logo designed by celebrated artist Shepard Fairey (the dude that also designed the ubiquitous Obama "HOPE" poster) was pretty much flavorless with a hint of Hammermill 20lb but supremely cool nonetheless.

32 degrees of frozen bacon.

Sizable bits of sweet bacon interspersed within the lusciously dense, brown butter ice cream brought back memories of bumping into my kid brother while he was holding some crispy, Chinese roast pork belly and I was holding a single scoop cone of Thrifty's butter pecan. His pork belly landed in my ice cream and the rest is bullshit.

Some of the wackiest ideas end up being the best ideas, and the Brown Butter with Candied Bacon ice cream will, in the near future, undoubtedly be the bacon explosion of the ice cream world. Watch for candied bacon bits at your neighborhood Cold Stone Creamery. I guarantee it!

It's bacon. It's ice cream. It's perfect! What could possibly go wrong?

Visit the Cool Haus website. And join KCRW as a member!


artistinthewild said…
This sounds just too incredibly cool, Eddie. I simply must try this.
Val said…
It all sounded pretty good until I saw the thing sandwiched between what looks like chocolate chip cookies. Chocolate bacon? Sure. Bacon ice cream? Why not? Bacon ice cream between chocolate chip cookies... not so sure.
Anonymous said…
I've been meaning to make a batch of this myself for a long time. You just pushed me over the edge. Will be searching for some organic, free range hog today to candy up!
Unknown said…
Bacon and sweets are just marvelous, aren't they? Speaking of odd ice cream flavors, I was in AZ last weekend (meaning ice cream was a necessity of survival in the 110 degree heat...after dark); there's a place called Sweet Republic in the northern reaches of Phoenix that has bacon ice cream, as well as salted caramel and my new favorite, bleu cheese and honey. Strangely, few of the others in my group liked that one....
Eddie Lin said…

You MUST!!


Oh, come on! Why the grump about chocolate chip cookies? They make people happy.


You are hilarious! Pleeeze, tell me how your organic pig ice-cream turns out.


Bleu cheese & honey!!! Now I've heard everything! Wow, sounds really good. Sounds like they'd work together. Hmmmm.