Naanza© Rhymes with Kwanzaa! It's Pizza but with Naan! Naya Sunset Restaurant & Lounge. Silverlake, CA.


Naya Sunset Restaurant & Lounge is a slick, theatrical, new Indian restaurant on Sunset Blvd. situated in scrubby slash gentrified Silverlake serving a mash-up of American comfort food with Indian ingredients and flavors on its Happy Hour menu.

Have a bite of this copyright... pizza!

One of Naya's interesting, inventive, stand-out, copyrighted (yes, copyrighted) dishes is their NAANZA© (rhymes with Kwanzaa not Tony Danza).

Basically a pizza with its traditional base swapped out for Indian naan bread, the NAANZA© has a sauce foundation of buttery tomato and eggplant. Mozzarella and cheddar cheeses come next. Finally your choices of onions, pineapple, bell peppers, goat cheese, feta cheese, chicken, mushroom, jalapeño top off this exotic pie.

The various toppings are nice but what really makes this pizza memorable and worthwhile is its light, chewy and flaky textures. The NAANZA© was probably the best of Naya's happy hour food offerings.

Eating light.

Part of Naya's appeal is its opulent decor. Designed by the ubiquitous Spacecraft Group, Naya is divided into two parts with the restaurant's lobby in between them.

The bar side interior is a cathedral to cocktails with its dramatic jagged arches. The dining room is a completely different vibe full of light and airy charm, perfect for a romantic meal.

For New Year's Eve, Naya is feting with a five course menu, all you can drink all night, midnight toast, music and belly dancing extravaganza. All these goodies for $75 makes it one of the best New Year's Eve deals in town.

Naya Sunset Restaurant & Lounge

3705 W. Sunset Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90026



Holy smokes that Naanza looks good. My unemployed budget will have to work in a home version. Happy New Year, Ed!
Zulieka said…
What am I doing out here in the cold? Oh to be on the West Coast filling up on those eats. Salutations, and Happy New Year Eddie!
Eddie Lin said…

Yeah, I hear you on the no budget food sitch. Have a better 2012.


Welcome! I believe this is your first ever comment. I'm very flattered! Yeah, you should be out here taking it all in - food & sun! Best in 2012 to you!