Follow Me To The Deep End!!

Jan 16, 2013

WELCOME, THIS AMERICAN LIFE FANS!! Parrot Fish. It's Not Just for Aquariums Anymore! Now Available at Your Local Fish Monger! 99 Ranch Market. Van Nuys, CA.

parrot gobi
Polly wanna worm?

It may just be too beautiful to eat. So its namesake the parrot. It even has a beaklike mouth. Such a strange yet gorgeous marine animal. Most parrot fish also possess a fascinating gender bending ability. It is what scientist call a "sequential hermaphrodite" which means that the fish can start off life as female and end as male. (Thanks, Wikipedia!)

I've seen the fish before at the same market. The cool thing is that there are so many varieties and patterns on the fish, you never know what you'll see. Check out my very first sighting of these fish that may just be too beautiful to eat.

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