Bung Appétit: This American Life Episode on Eating Hog Rectum Wins James Beard Award! Deep End Dining Thrilled to be Part of Show!

TAL Pork Bung
Squork? Puid? What is it? A James Beard winner, that's what!

This is cool! The episode of This American Life in which I'm a pork colon connoisseur won a James Beard Award. A first for This American Life. I'm happy to have contributed to a bung-tastic, prize-winning show!

If you haven't had the porky pleasure of listening to the episode, here is the link! Bonus: Fred Armisen (SNL and Portlandia) co-hosts with Ira Glass.

Here's the backstory. Sometime in 2013, This American Life producer Ben Calhoun recorded a phone conversation with me about eating pork bung for an episode of TAL investigating an allegation that pork processing plants were passing off pork bung—the industry term for pork large intestine and rectum—as calamari. Yep, pork rectum for squid. Is this possible? Is it palatable? Find out if you haven't heard. Bung appétit!


Amy Shuster said…
You never fail to amaze me Eddie :) looking forward to hearing this episode.
Eddie Lin said…
Thank for reading this, Amy! I aim to amaze!!