The Halal Guys and Five Guys Got Busy and Had a Baby. The Five Halal Guys Burger Be Borne! The Halal Guys, Koreatown.

five halal guys burger main
It's all guys at this party.

This Friday, July 8, The Halal Guys cracks open its brand new L.A.-centric location smack dab in Koreatown on Wilshire near Normandie. Anticipate hours long lines like the ones during The Halal Guys Costa Mesa and Long Beach grand openings. Devotees of this legendary New York food cart will be drooling over the assembly line action as chicken, beef gyro, or falafel are piled onto the signature bright orange rice along side iceberg lettuce. Then the platter is deliciously drizzled with the famous Halal Guys white cream sauce known as "crack" sauce to fans. Btw, the hot sauce is no joke. It's absolutely incendiary—probably just above habanero heat and below ghost pepper in Scoville scorchability. I'm not sure what is exactly in it because the ingredients list vaguely describes the heat as "spices," so no clue there.

That said, I've had The Halal Guys plenty of times before since I visit NYC a lot for my gig as the tasting judge for MasterChef open calls. It's pretty good stuff, but I wanted to make this "street meat" more interesting. Therefore I dreamt up a mash-up. It's like Superman vs. Batman but hopefully much tastier. My vision was to combine The Halal Guys beef gyro with the beef patty at Five Guys Burgers, all drizzled with The Halal Guys crack sauce, thus conceiving The Five Halal Guys Burger.

So I visited the new KTown Halal Guys, then a Five Guys, and carefully mingled them like a good dating app. And this is the sexy tasty result.

five halal guys separate
Both The Halal Guys and Five Guys swiped right!

It's easy: pick up a gyro platter from The Halal Guys, go to Five Guys and get the hamburger with the "all the way" toppings option minus mustard and ketchup, remove top bun and heap on hunks of gyro, finally drizzle on the magic Halal Guys white sauce and enjoy the hell out of it!

five halal guys burger
A match made in meat heaven

Try not to get the cream sauce all over your lips. The Five Halal Guys Burger is so good, I surprised even myself. That white sauce seriously is some kind of crack sauce. It's awesome sauce in the most literal sense. So savory and magical, I can't even tell you how much it enhances every bit of the Five Guys Burger it comes into contact with. However, the sautéed mushrooms were especially elevated by the sauce. Try it for yourself and let me know what you think.

Check out The Five Halal Guys Burger instructional video below.

The Halal Guys
3432 Wilshire Blvd.
Koreatown, CA

The Five Halal Guys Burger Mash-Up from Alatta Coffee Productions on Vimeo.