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Roy Choi Got a TV Show! It's Time to Break Bread with His New Program Broken Bread on KCET and Tastemade, Premiering Wednesday, May 15.

Chef Roy Choi has achieved a lot since his Kogi food truck hit the scene over a decade ago in 2008. He's opened many unique and deliciously diverse food concepts like the community conscience restaurants Locol to a Vegas hot spot called Best Friend. Roy's restaurants run the gamut while staying true to his roots and activism sensibility. Along with his prolific abilities for kicking off concepts, he's also snug with Hollywood A-listers. Since Roy's rise in the restaurant scene, many of Hollywood's biggest stars are among his loyal fans (Roy can drop names like Nicole Kidman and Elijah Wood without hesitation). He can even add to his resume a co-producing credit when Jon Favreau hit him up to consult on the indie hit film Chef.

Therefore it's hard to believe in a day and age when chefs are all over television that high profile Roy has never starred in his own show—that is, until now. He himself admitted at the premiere of his new series Broken Bread that he ha…

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