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Silence of the Lambs...Because I Ate Their Tongues. The Factory Kitchen @ DTLA, Arts District

The Factory Kitchen's piattograsso special

It's been a while or, as the kids say, a minute. I haven't been sitting idle, plucking lint out of my belly button though. Lots of things happening. I finally got a Deep End Dining Insta account like all the kids these days. (Not snapping on Snapchat yet however.) So do me a solid and head over to my Deep End Dining Instagram page and follow me! I'll probably be posting more there than here. Still be writing stuff here, just so you know. So check back now and then.

Although, you've probably seen me posting mainstream food on my blog, I normally try to pick the most interesting item on the menu to share with you all. But, if the restaurant is good and they don't happen to have anything all that unique, I'll still post the meal here because I think you might want to know.

Furthermore, I'll be posting random thoughts that are food and/or restaurant-related. Hey, it's still food writing, right?

So let's g…

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