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My Experience on Gordon Ramsay's 24 Hours To Hell And Back Was Pure Heaven!

Gordon Ramsay's ambitious new show

Late last year, I was invited to appear on Gordon Ramsay's latest food show slash f-bomb fest. Once again FOX is home to Ramsay's new restaurant rescue program called 24 Hours To Hell And Back. Essentially, this concept is similar to Ramsay's old show Kitchen Nightmares but with a hard time limit.

Each episode has Ramsay go undercover to stake out a featured struggling establishment. The crew installs remote cameras throughout the property under the premise that they're setting up for another show with the owner(s) and staff unaware that Gordon Ramsay is actually the star.

Just chillin' with Gordo!

24 Hours ups the stakes by really putting the pressure on the proprietor with the tight deadline. As the clock ticks frantically towards zero, every moment, conversation and decision lead to the restaurant's potential salvation. The time constraint is no t.v. sham. The owner and staff have literally 24 hours to patch up their si…

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