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Eddie Dreams of Tsujita Ramen. Slurps Four Bowls Then Has a Really Weird Dream!

There's no debating it, the bowls of ramen at Tsujita are my favorites in Los Angeles. I'm not only talking about the master ramen maker's famous 60-hour lovingly simmered, pork bone tonkotsu version either. That's the one where you can literally taste the bone and marrow lurking in all that porcine richness. All the styles of ramen at Tsujita are great—even the vegetarian selection is deep with umami flavor, infusing pungent bamboo shoots and woodear mushroom. I also slurped up Tsujita's crowd-pleaser dipping ramen a.k.a. tsukemen. And I ate all of these at one sitting. In the noodle world, tonkotsu is the Thanksgiving turkey dinner of the genre. I had two bowls of that particular style. Needless to say, a ramen-induced coma quickly descended upon me like a fluffy, down comforter on a chilly winter's eve. I was knocked out cold.

Then, a dream fueled by mass ramen began to play in my head.

The setting was a nondescript amphitheater. People were milling abou…

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