Me, Huell & Pig Ears! The Pig Ear Episode of "Visiting...with Huell Howser." Friday, May 11, 2007 at 730PM PDT on KCET Ch 28 in So Cal.

Huell Grace and Eddie
Piggin' out on pig ears at Chung King Restaurant in Monterey Park, CA.

Forget David Blaine! Watch Huell Howser do the heretofore impossible: Host an entire television show about eating pig ears! I kid you not, my friends! Nothing but pig ears. How will he possilby fill up a full half-hour of public television air-time with dirt about the consumption of pig ears??? Can he do it? Will he hurt himself? If there's anyone who can pull this off, it's Huell Howser. Watch this must-see show, tivo the show, tape the show, buy a DVD burner and burn the show because you won't believe your ears when you hear Huell Howser drop the science on pig ears. It's the public television event of the year!

And let's all pray Huell makes it through this insanity okay.

The deets:

Visiting...with Huell Howser: Pig Ears
Friday, May 11, 2007
730pm PDT
KCET Ch. 28


Juliet said…
I love pig ears! Especially the spicy ones.
Eddie Lin said…
Hi Juliet,

These are nasal drip spicy. Sweat pounds spicy. Slap yo' mama spicy!!!
Anonymous said…
Hey I found this blog through Wikipedia, very interesting and well written!
elmomonster said…
Geez. I missed this one too. CURSES! Does KCET have a download site like They should.
Daily Gluttony said…
hey eddie,

me & the hubs watched this on friday night--awesome performance on your part!

i am still laughing at when huell goes "pig ear JELLO??????"

we have that & the other episode tivo'd...hopefully we can do a viewing party one of these days. i'll provide the pig ears. =)
Eddie Lin said…

thanks for the compliment. which wikipedia reference did you go through...*ahem* you know, not to brag, but i have more than one. ;-)


it is your lucky day! because in huell howser world reruns are the norm and next thursday at 730pm, may 24th on kcet ch. 28, you'll be able to see huell's pig ear "adventure" again. you are so blessed, elmo.


there is absolutely nothing funny about pig ear jello. what kind of china girl r u?
From halal food to pig ears and everything in between - you've covered the entire spectrum!